Home Warranty

Seller Home Warranties

When you are selling a home, many unforeseen problems can pop up. And these problems could be devastating. What would happen, for example, if your furnace broke down a week before the closing? What if you discovered a major electrical or plumbing system fault? You could face a re-negotiation, or you might even lose the sale.

What’s more, most problems like these aren’t covered by your homeowner’s policy. That’s why Innovative Realty recommends a home warranty and offers an excellent plan through American Home Shield.

Including a home warranty plan from AHS is one of the most constructive and economical methods of helping to achieve a home’s asking price, offering you sensible protection at an affordable price. An American Home Shield Home Warranty repairs or replaces* the home’s covered mechanical systems and major built-in appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear, thereby helping to eliminate problems that may occur while the home is listed or in escrow.

*Restrictions apply. Ask your Innovative Professional for details.