Home Staging

Home Staging

Why do you think furniture stores arrange individual pieces in room settings? Why do car dealers make sure every car on the lot is spotlessly clean? Why do supermarkets place some products at the end of the aisle? It’s all done to make the products stand out, to look more appealing, to make the consumer more interested in buying.

It’s called merchandising, and it’s just as important in selling a home as it is in selling a car. That’s why Innovative Realty suggests you consider Home Staging before you put your house on the market.

A Home Staging expert, usually an interior designer, shows you how to put the features and benefits of your home in their best possible light and to make it easier for a prospective buyer to visualize living there. The Home Stager will offer suggestions on minimizing clutter, creating warmth and an open spacious feeling, de-emphasizing flaws, and overall, making your home more appealing to a wider range of buyers.

A Home Stager can simply do a consultation or actually manage the merchandising of your home, from selecting colors to hiring painters to renting furniture to complete a vacant home. The service is usually fee-based.

At Innovative, we have found that a staged home generally sells faster and brings a better price. Ask your Innovative professional for more details.

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