Why 3/4 of Lowell, MA Homes Dont Sell & What to do About it?

content_sold-sign-home-for-sale (Large)

The Lowell, MA Market has changed, and your agenda may have probably changed as well too. Consequently, I still believe that there is a real possibility that the sale of your property could be achieved RIGHT
NOW in a way that was over looked while it was listed.

A few reasons that may have played a role in why your home did not sell:

1. The proper positioning of your home to compete in today’s current market.
2. The lack of advanced exposure for your property.
3. The lack of experience or commitment of the agent or their firm that it was previously
responsible for the sale.
4. Incorrect pricing.

If you are still serious about the sale of your home, I would highly encourage you to give me a call so I
can share with you the comprehensive strategies I use to sell homes successfully. As soon as we get
together and you see what I do to sell more homes in this market than the average agent you will know
that what we do is different than 99.9% of the agents.

Visit: www.lowellhomesonline.com

for a no olbligation Expired Listing Analysis and 8 Step Marketing Plan that Gives you the Edge in Today’s Market!


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