Tips to Pass Your Home Inspection

 Repair any broken/damaged items: doors, windows, siding
 Determine the age of the roof – ask seller
 Clean gutters
 Make sure downspouts are attached and discharge away from foundation
 Trim vegetation away from the house
 Repair any loose mortar at the top of the chimney
 Move wood or stored items away from foundation

 Repair any active plumbing leaks
 Determine the cause of any water stains on walls or trim
 Determine there are no gaps around the chimney thimble
 Replace the filter on the hot air furnace/AC system
 Address any rust associated with the heater/AC system.
 Identify the location of the water meter
 Address any unfinished wiring
 Move any stored items away from basement or garage walls

 Test any black on roof sheathing for mold. Address as needed.
 Determine the cause of water stains has been addressed
 Address any unfinished wiring

 Determine the cause of water stains has been addressed
 Replace burned out bulbs
 Verify dishwasher works
 Test/reset GFCI outlets
 Open and close fireplace damper
 Repair any cracks in the mortar of the fireplace box
 Address any unfinished wiring

 Inform the inspector of any non-functioning systems
 Provide the inspector with any recent repair documentation

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