Staging 101: Making Your Hardwoods Look Their Best


Staging your home is an effective way to make it look as appealing as possible to buyers. When preparing your home for staging, don’t overlook the condition of your hardwood floors. They can be a big selling point, as long as they’re in good shape.

Use the following tips for making hardwoods look their best:

Wipe off dust and debris. Use a microfiber cleaning pad to go over the surface of your hardwood floors. If you have debris built up in the corners of the floor or the crevices in between the wood, use your vacuum’s hose attachment to remove it.

Use a hardwood floor cleaner. These cleaners won’t harm your floor like other types of cleaners can. Put a small amount of cleaner on the floor, and use a microfiber pad to wipe it into the wood. Do this one area at a time until the entire floor is clean.

Apply floor polish. Using floor polish will make your floors look shinier and protect them from damage. You can also look for a cleaner with polish in it if you don’t have time to polish it separately.
It takes time and effort, but making hardwoods look their best is well worth it. Buyers will appreciate seeing clean and shiny hardwood floors instead of ones that look worn down.

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Staging 101: Making Your Hardwoods Look Their Best.


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