The Value of Home Improvements


The Value of Home Improvements

During my years selling real estate in Lowell, I’ve seen cases where homeowners made home improvements assuming they’d recoup their investment when they sold, only to find that the improvements didn’t increase their home’s market value, and even decreased it.

How could this be? Well, there are many variables involved in how home improvements affect market value. Some relate to the quality of the improvements, while others relate to an individual owner’s tastes and needs. For instance, remodeled kitchens and bathrooms usually generate a good return. However, a new swimming pool that means a lot to one owner can make a property less saleable generally, and so decrease its market value.

If you are thinking of renovating or adding on to your home, you’re welcome to give me a call first. From experience, I can help you determine how the improvements are likely to affect your Lowell home’s market value, so you can develop a strategy that gives you the results you want.

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Courtesy of The Tryon Group ~ Chris Tryon ~ ERA Key Realty Services

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