5 Tips Before Showing Your Lowell Home For Sale

5 Tips Before Showing Your Home For Sale

First Impressions! Its Show time…

Make the beds

Empty Wastebaskets

Put dishes/ clothes away

Shed some light … lights on, drapes open

Remove pets

Planning on Selling Your Lowell Home this spring?

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4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Lowell Home faster and for more money this Spring

4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Lowell Home this Spring

Did you know that as little as a 5% investment in the landscaping of your Lowell home can increase its values by as much as 15%?

In addition it may reduce the the amount of time your Lowell home stays on the market.

Make your Yard look bigger by planting flower beds in each corner. This frames the yard and makes the center appear bigger.

Apply fertilizer and fresh mulch to shrubs

Make a palette of no more than 3 colors that compliment your homes color scheme to tie it together

Place taller shrubs towards the back of flower beds to create the illusion of depth in your garden.

Planning on selling your Lowell home this spring?

The Lowell Real Estate market is HOT , making this the perfect time to sell your Lowell home.

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Thinking About Investing in Lowell Real Estate?

Lowell Real Estate Investment

The Lowell Real Estate Market is ripe with investment opportunities that can yeild long term financial gain.

With the Lowell real estate market the way it is currently,the growth of Umass Lowell and the growth of the city of Lowell investing in a Lowell Condo or Multi family can be a solid way for you to build equity in both the short and long term.

There are many factors to be considered, so ideally you should contact a local specialist . That said, please bear in mind that my comprehensive Lowell real estate investment services will help you through each stage of the process.

In any event, please keep this in mind as a possibility. Or if you hear that any family, friends
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4 Tips to Sell Your Lowell Home this Spring

Separate the Lookers from the Buyers

As a real estate professional, I can tell you that one of the first jobs that has to be done when selling a home is to “separate the lookers from the buyers.” That way, no one’s time is wasted, and more importantly,no one is locked into a legally binding contract that can’t be taken all the way through closing.

I invite you to take a few moments to learn some of the KEY questions I ask to help ensure that selling a home is a win/win for everyone involved. Remember, there’s a very real difference between selling and
closing, so keep these important FOUR QUESTIONS handy every time you speak with a potential buyer.

They will help you determine how motivated that “buyer” is as well as whether or not they have the
financial ability to even purchase your home.
Buyer name: _________________________________________________

1. Do you have a property to sell First?

2. Are you pre-qualied?

3. Who pre-qualied you?

4. How much do you pre-qualify for?

Many homeowners just like you find themselves with questions of their own:

What do the answers above mean to my bottom line?

How do I eeffectively negotiate when I get a low offer?

How can I protect my family legally when selling my home?

Is my price too high or too low?

Know that I’m here to help. As a resource you can turn to, and an advocate you can trust, I’m happy to
answer any questions you might have. Call Chris Tryon ~ The Tryon Group ~ ERA Key Realty

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Hot Looks for Your Lowell Home

Hot Looks for Your Lowell Home

Neutrals continue to be the foundation for most rooms but a subtle warm color trend is underway in color and fabrics. Gray also continues to be strong , however off white is preferred.

Reclaimed materials are also hot right now with lighter and softer wood tones.

Wine as Design

No longer in the cellar, wine has become hot a design element.

Think Glass cases and metal racks with sleek angles

Outdoor Space

Expanding your living space outdoors continues to be a hot trend.

Look for more ways to intergrate the great outdoors with patios and fireplaces and vegetable gardens.

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No Time Like The Present


Thinking about buying your first home, or perhaps upgrading from your current place? Thanks to the current economic climate and game-changing technology in the housing market, now is the perfect time to take the plunge.

Low interest rates

Lenders are giving buyers mortgage rates that are extremely enticing—you can get a mortgage below 4.0%. There’s a good chance these are the lowest mortgage rates we’ll see in a long time, which means affordability is at a high.

Prices are on their way up

Mortgage rates may be low, but housing prices are getting higher and higher because of demand—prices increased 5.1% year-over-year in November 2015. If you’re thinking about buying, delaying a few years could lead to a higher purchase price, or getting less home for your money.

A great job market

The United States added 2.65 million jobs in the last year. There’s increasing job security and available work, leading to high consumer confidence.

Technology makes buying simpler and less expensive


Along with listing websites like http://www.lowellhomesonline.com and http://www.christryon.com, there are an increasing number of websites and apps that simplify the process, make it easier to shop around for homes and mortgages, and save you money.

Cheap fuel

Lower gas and energy prices mean more money in your pocket and more purchasing power. The money you’re not putting into your gas tank or toward your utilities can instead go toward saving for a down payment or affording a bigger monthly mortgage payment.


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