4 Tips to Sell Your Lowell Home this Spring

Separate the Lookers from the Buyers

As a real estate professional, I can tell you that one of the first jobs that has to be done when selling a home is to “separate the lookers from the buyers.” That way, no one’s time is wasted, and more importantly,no one is locked into a legally binding contract that can’t be taken all the way through closing.

I invite you to take a few moments to learn some of the KEY questions I ask to help ensure that selling a home is a win/win for everyone involved. Remember, there’s a very real difference between selling and
closing, so keep these important FOUR QUESTIONS handy every time you speak with a potential buyer.

They will help you determine how motivated that “buyer” is as well as whether or not they have the
financial ability to even purchase your home.
Buyer name: _________________________________________________

1. Do you have a property to sell First?

2. Are you pre-qualied?

3. Who pre-qualied you?

4. How much do you pre-qualify for?

Many homeowners just like you find themselves with questions of their own:

What do the answers above mean to my bottom line?

How do I eeffectively negotiate when I get a low offer?

How can I protect my family legally when selling my home?

Is my price too high or too low?

Know that I’m here to help. As a resource you can turn to, and an advocate you can trust, I’m happy to
answer any questions you might have. Call Chris Tryon ~ The Tryon Group ~ ERA Key Realty

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